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Life’s Origin: Biblical Biology (part 1 of 3)

In 1859, something remarkable was about to happen. For thousands of years, people had believed that, under the rights conditions, living things could arise from non-living matter. Maggots, for example, had been thought to emerge spontaneously from rotting meat, while fleas, of course, arose from the accumulation of dust. While experiments by scientists like Francesco…

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Tiktaalik – “Darwin’s Fish” At Last?

It is morning. Calm silence hangs over the fringes of an antediluvian coal swamp. Thin curtains of fog rise from the stagnant waters as the first beams of sunlight trickle in over the tops of the forest beyond. There, the swamp becomes an impenetrable jungle of fronds and massive, tree-like lycopods. Here, it is but…

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Armored Dinosaur Smashes Evolutionary Assumptions

On March 21, 2011, Shawn Funk, a heavy-equipment operator for the Millennium Mine in Alberta, Canada, discovered something special. Although unearthing fossils is hardly rare in mining operations, the oddly colored rows of bony plates peeking out from the bedrock suggested that this was something much more than just another petrified stump. After six years…

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Alligators and Crocodiles – What’s the difference?

At first glance, alligators and crocodiles are very similar creatures. Both are large, squat reptiles with mouths brimming with teeth. In fact, the similarities are so prominent that many wonder if there is a difference between them at all. Despite first appearances, modern crocodilians are a surprisingly diverse group, divided into three families: the alligators…

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Go Diving With Crocodiles

Crocodiles are amazing creatures. Probably the closest thing you’ll see to a living dinosaur, there is something deliciously primeval about them – their size, their strength, their deliberateness. Earlier this year, the talented filmmakers at Behind the Mask went down to Mexico to film crocodiles in the wild. The result is a presentation that is…

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