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Behind the Scenes: Preparing Fossils at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

What happens to fossils after they’ve been taken from the ground? Believe it or not, most fossils arrive at museums with much of the ground still attached. Removing this extra material is the job of lab technicians within the museum preparation labs. Fossils are usually quite delicate when found in the field, meaning that paleontologists…

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Armored Dinosaur Smashes Evolutionary Assumptions

On March 21, 2011, Shawn Funk, a heavy-equipment operator for the Millennium Mine in Alberta, Canada, discovered something special. Although unearthing fossils is hardly rare in mining operations, the oddly colored rows of bony plates peeking out from the bedrock suggested that this was something much more than just another petrified stump. After six years…

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Welcome to Dinosaur Provincial Park

About 30 minutes from the city of Brooks, in Southern Alberta, lies one of the riches deposits of dinosaur fossils in the world. These fossils, many of them articulated skeletons, come from an astonishing diversity of groups, including tyrannosaurs, ceratopsians, hadrosaurs, and troodontids. This is Dinosaur Provincial Park. Encompassing over 28 square miles of badlands,…

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